Serves 19 / 60 Mins

Basil Grande

Basil Grande


  • Basil Grande Mix
  • 700ml Vodka
    350ml Amaro Averna
    350ml Cynar
    Sea salt
    350grams Strawberry Jam (homemade or from a local market)
    2 x 750ml Local Apple & Raspberry Juice
  • Foam
  • 300grams beet sugar (silver spoon is a good brand)
    Boiling water
    100grams fresh Basil
    Xanthan Gum powder
    Lactic Acid
    100ml Green Chartreuse
  • Other Ingredients
  • Freshly ground black pepper
    Lemon Juice
  • Tools
  • 2 n02 cream charges
    1 1l cream whipper
    Cocktail shaker, strainer
    Large coupe glass


It’s a play on the basil – black pepper – strawberry combo and a riff on this cocktail originally made at the Living Room Manchester that found its way on the Be At One menu when GungHo owner Julien used to work there.

Julien worked on it to showcase British ingredients such as strawberries, apples and raspberries along with fresh herbs all preserved for maximum taste.


For the cocktail base (Basil Grande Mix):

  1. Blend together 700ml vodka, 350ml amaro averna, 350ml cynar, 1 level teaspoon sea salt, 350 grams strawberry jam, 1.5 litres of local apple and raspberry juice.
  2. Strain well and decant into a sealable container.

For the foam:

  1. Make 1:1 sugar syrup by stirring 350 grams sugar with 350ml boiling water until dissolved and let cool.
  2. Dip 100 grams of fresh basil into just under boiling hot water for a few seconds, immediately plunge the basil into iced water until fully chilled (to blanch).
  3. Add to blender: blanched basil, 600ml of 1:1 sugar syrup, 100ml green chartreuse, 3 level teaspoons lactic acid, 1 level teaspoon sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum; blend well until the basil will not fragment any further.
  4. Sieve into n02 cream whipper and charge twice, shaking vigorously in between charges.
  5. Leave foam to settle refrigerated for an hour minimum.

For the cocktail:

  1. Shake together 90ml of your Basil Grande Mix together with 20ml of lemon juice (we use an alternative but for less complication freshly squeezed lemon juice is fine)
  2. Carefully layer 1cm volume of Basil foam on top
  3. Freshly grind a pinch of black pepper over the drink to finish