Serves 1 / 5 Mins

Passing Time

Passing Time


  • The Drink
  • 30ml Toki whiskey
    10ml elderflower cordial
    5ml Midori
    Top charcoal filtered soda
    3 dash cucumber bitters
  • Garnish
  • Sliced cucumber
    Origami crane


Ikigai, a small but mighty bar in Birmingham, shares their extra special recipe for this year’s Birmingham Cocktail Weekend.

Inspired by Izakaya culture (post-work informal drinks with snacks), Ikigai at 1000 Trades brings a niche experience to the Birmingham Independent bar scene, with an array of Japanese spirits, flavourful cocktails and speciality sake.

The Drink:

  • Combine 30ml Toki whiskey, 10ml elderflower cordial, 5ml Midori and stir
  • Top charcoal filtered soda
  • Ass 3 dashes of cucumber bitters
  • Serve over cubed ice in a Collins glass
  • Garnish with a slice of cucumber and serve with an origami crane

This drink is based on origami, a Japanese pastime involving laid back, relaxing but also meticulous folds in order to create the finished piece. The drink itself is a traditional Japanese highball which we believe is the best way to enjoy whisky, in this case, Toki. We have of course given it the Ikigai spin, pairing it with other relaxing flavours such as cucumber and elderflower.