‘Always outgunned, but never out shaken’ is how Lab 22 bar manager Alex Mills describes himself on Twitter.

We’ve seen this young bartender in action at cocktail competitions across the UK, winning a fair few of them too.

He has the banter and the skills, making him one of the UK’s standout creatives when it comes to cocktails.

His bar’s menu has been developed with the customer in mind, in a sense that the vast majority of the drinks are accessible and far from stuck up.

The bar he works in is well established in the city of Cardiff, offering cocktails with a big slice of flair on the side.

Drinks are designed by working backwards from a theme or reworking a classic. It’s all very clever and well worth a trip, even if it’s to see this majestic cocktail magician in action behind the bar.

Alex Mills, Lab 22, Cardiff

Lab 22
Caroline Street
CF10 1FG

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