Merchants Heart

Merchant’s Heart is a range of seven premium spirit enhancers, designed to accentuate the carefully crafted flavours in premium spirits, a new innovation from one of the world’s leading drinks companies, Suntory. A collective of world-leading bartenders from the UK’s best bars were invited to help devise the ultimate mixers, the ones they dreamed of adding to the best spirits in their own bars. Suntory’s expert scientists examined the effects of carbonation, garnishes and ice cubes on the drinking experience, and honed the Merchant’s Heart liquids.

Merchant’s Heart is committed to creating exceptional drinking experiences, through exquisite flavours, perfect carbonation and a focus on the joy of
experience and ritual.


Schweppes 1783

With a history dating back to 1783, Schweppes is a much-loved brand, which is instantly recognisable to consumers, and is a good choice for operators looking to make the most of the growing popularity of mixers.

It is more than 225 years since Swiss watchmaker and ‘creator of bubbles’ Jacob Schweppe arrived in London with his Schweppes drink, having pioneered carbonated drinks when he invented an industrial process to capture bubbles in liquid.

Last year, Schweppes unveiled its biggest ever brand investment, which included the launch of a range of naturally flavoured premium mixers called 1783. Schweppes 1783 includes Crisp Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water and Salty Lemon Tonic Water and are delicious pairings for premium spirits, delivering a great tasting natural flavour for cocktails and mixed drinks.