Top 50 Cocktail Bars



Manchester, Greater Manchester

Manchester’s Schofield’s Bar is the brainchild of brothers Joe and Daniel Schofield who, between them, have over 25 years of bartending experience.

The first Manchester venue to take the number one spot!

Together, they had a vision to return home to Manchester to open their now impressive venue, which sits on the corner of the iconic Sunlight House, an art deco masterpiece by architect Joseph Sunlight.

This impressive duo have risen through the ranks of the Top 50 Cocktail bars jumping twelve places to the top 5 in just a year.

Although some reservations are welcome, the bar itself is predominantly a walk-in operation, serving from Wednesday until Sunday between 12pm and 1.30am.

The menu consists of classic cocktails as well as crafted inhouse stylings created by the Schofield’s, along with beers, wines, Champagne and also some food.

Cocktails are mostly priced between £9.50 and £12, but averaging at around £11.75 per drink.

Drinks include the Clover Club made with Bombay Sapphire Gin, Schofield’s Dry Vermouth, raspberry, lemon and egg white; Gin Fizz, made with Bombay Sapphire Gin, lemon, citrus oils and soda water; and Chet Baker, made using Bacardi Rum, Asterley Bros Estate Vernouth, honey and Angostura Bitters.

On a fun note, the brothers have also made available some of their favourite books for guests to read while enjoying a drink independently, which they’ve paired with cocktails. The book is also available to buy along with their own SCHOFIELD’S dry Vermouth for that authentic at home experience.

Some of the book and cocktail combinations include Casino Royale, served with a Vesper Martini; Cocktail, served with a Singapore Sling; and The Old Man and the Sea, served with a Mojito.

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