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The Top 50 brands are considered the very best places to eat, drink and sleep in the UK. The websites are used throughout the year by UK and foreign tourists to discover where they should experience in the UK hospitality scene and it isn’t uncommon for these tourists to try and make it around all 50 in a given year.

The awards generate huge pride for the teams being recognised as our awards are voted for by a large panel of industry professionals, in essence, these venues are being noted as outstanding by their industry peers. The consumer interest throughout each year continues to drive bookings, but more than that, stimulates the conversation around each of the 50 creating a platform. 

Each of our partners are given the opportunity to be associated with the best of the industry, helping to build their own brand in the sector. They become part of the very special and exclusive events, become part of our social media conversation and integrated within our websites which consumers search on to discover their next visit.

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