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Fitzrovia, London

Situated in London’s world-renowned Langham Hotel, Artesian is a clean and simplified cocktail bar with plenty of open space and light.

The menu is well curated consisting of just 16 drinks, but each of the cocktails available is well designed and placed, with something for every taste.

The latest menu, 'Ingredients of the Future', highlights the incredible versatility and adaptability of a single ingredient. Indulge in drinks that will make you feel like every sip is a step towards a healthier planet and a brighter future.

The team has carefully researched and selected core ingredients such as sweet potato, beetroot, mushroom, date, jackfruit, and pea. They have also included an array of plants and trees, such as amaranth, moringa, pandan, and nopales, along with unexpected elements like insects, spirulina, soil, tiger nuts, kombu, and water.

Drinks include Moringa, a margarita-style drink that takes on herbal notes and a hint of bergamot through Casamigos Blanco, Italicus, moringa, lime and aduki beans.

Timeless classics are also available as a selection of Artesian favourites like The Bridge, a prized cocktail from the Head Bartender, the drink combines Patron silver tequila, Martini Ambrato, rhubarb cordial and tomato water.

The bar has partnered with chef Angelo Sato, of Humble Chicken in Soho, to create an exciting new food menu for The Langham’s celebrated bar. Launching on 10 November 2022, the menu has been inspired by traditional Japanese dishes and ingredients. Angelo has worked incredible depth of flavour into the dishes, pushing the boundaries of conventional bar snacks whilst also retaining the moreish, easy to eat style that is so well suited to bars.

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