Top 50 Cocktail Bars

Heads + Tails

West Hampstead, London

In the heart of West Hampstead you will find local neighbourhood bar Heads + Tails, featuring some snazzy food and delightful drinks.

The food menu is snacky and nibbly, which is perfect for those wanting to enjoy the nicely curated cocktail menu.

As well as covering all food and drink angles, the bar features not one, but two gardens – a luscious one upstairs and a ‘secret’ one down.

The bar is also split into two, with Heads upstairs and Tails down. The former is described as bright and airy, perfect for an aperitif or a glass of wine, while Tails is a “luxury dive bar” filled with dark corners and hardcore stirred drinks.

As well as being in the centre of its neighbourhood, Heads + Tails is right next to West Hampstead tube station and is an extremely short walk away from two mainline stations.

Cocktails in the downstairs bar include Brigadoon, made with Chivas Regal 12; Diamond in the Rough, made using Wild Turkey Rye; and Thunder, made with Havana Especial Rum.

Upstairs, drinks include VLS Deluxe made with Absolut vodka; Floradora, made using Beefeater gin; and Corpse Reviver No.175 made with Fords gin.

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