Top 50 Cocktail Bars



Driven by its responsibility to empower and inspire the local community, Publiq cocktail bar in London’s Kensington is a very special place.

“Thanks to their social and cultural role in their neighbourhood, we believe bars and restaurants have the power (and responsibility) to inspire their community through hospitality,” the venue’s website says.

“By giving people the tools to succeed, using sustainably made produce and constantly looking for ways of having a positive impact, we aim to create a space where our guests, our team, our suppliers and our wider community can strive together for a better future.”

As such, the venue describes itself as a modern public house that serves seasonal cocktails and sharing plates as well as natural wines and local beers in a refined and relaxed atmosphere.

“All our drinks support seasonal, small and sustainably produced ingredients. We aim to serve delicious, simple and fun cocktails. Our wines taste of the land and passion of the winemakers, while our beers champion the local brewing culture.”

Notable serves have included the Cosmo Milk Punch with Belvedere Pure Vodka, cranberry, orange, kaffir, bay, spring green tea and goat’s milk; the Fig and Balsamic Spritz with Aperol, Bourjasotte noire fig, balsamic reduction, turmeric, oloroso, prosecco and soda; and Nectarine Americano with Broken Clock Vodka, Sipello Aperitiff, nectarine, Gruner-Veltliner verjus and ‘sonic’.

Food, meanwhile, also plays a big role in this venue, of which it says: “Our food is aimed to be shared, in order for you to taste many different flavours, but also open conversations and bring people together.

“Our seasonal menu uses the produce from sustainable producers, who look after their land and our collective future, with flavour at the heart of what they do.”

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