Top 50 Cocktail Bars


The Hideout

According to legend, the building was forgotten, bricked up and hidden for years. It is believed to have been a meeting and storage place for thieves and other reprobates in the fine city of Bath hundreds of years ago.

Such thieves and vagabonds would hide all kinds of illegal products there from booty to alcohol as well as themselves.

“For years this hole in the wall was a haven for the outlaws of their day, unruliness was rife and law enforcement was scared to set foot anywhere near,” its website says. “Steal from the rich and come and spend the bounty here. It was the perfect hideout.”

However, the Georgians soon brought law and order to this part of the town and now the only people hiding out in the bar are paying customers – as well as the young and fun bunch of bartenders running the joint.

The venue has a strong offer of one particular spirit and is considered to be a purveyor of fine whisky, with an extensive range on offer.

While there is a strong focus on whisky, the venue has well balanced cocktail menu split into three parts including Hip-Hop Hits, Bangerz and The Classics.

The first part is made up of inhouse serves and has included the likes of Alone with the TV, made with Wheatley Vodka, hoisin and tomato; Witness (1 Hope), made from Dark Matter Rum, ginger and spice; and the Wowzerz, made with Cotswold Gin, champagne syrup and milk punch.

Bangerz, meanwhile, is the venue’s signature serves, which has included the House Old Fashioned made using house whiskey blend, sugar and bitters; the South Cider made with Cotswold Gin, mint and citrus; and the Bam, made using house whiskey blend, vermouth and bitters.

The Classics section consists of the classic tried and tested cocktails including the Negroni, Cosmopolitan and the Paloma to name a few.

What is notable is each of the venues specialist cocktails from the first two parts of the menu are made with very few ingredients but result in a strong and flavourful serve.

Key Information

  • WEBSITE: Visit Here
  • ADDRESS: 1 Lilliput Court, Bath, BA1 1ND