Top 50 Cocktail Bars

The Nuthatch

Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

Middlesbrough isn’t known as the cocktail capital of the UK, but the Nuthatch cocktail bar in the large Teesside town is certainly a step in the right direction.

The Nuthatch is bringing to the masses of Middlesbrough what should have been brought a long time ago – sophisticated cocktails that have been well thought out and designed for discerning drinkers.

Each spirits category is well represented on the cocktail bar’s list, with a variety of classic-inspired and new inventions spread throughout the menu.

We cannot say this enough, but the Nuthatch is an extremely pleasant and welcome surprise to the list this year. It is notoriously difficult for bars like this to exist in smaller towns, yet they are very much needed.

A selection of the drinks include the White Peach Island, made with Beefeater and Absolut; the Cucumber Slow Gin Fizz, made using Plymouth Slow; the Nuthatch, made with Edinburgh Raspberry Gin; and the Hazelnut Fashioned, made using Woodford Reserve.

As well as a nicely refined, but interesting cocktail menu, the Nuthatch offers a health range of spirits, wine, Champagne, beer, cider, soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails.

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