Top 50 Cocktail Bars

Little Mercies

Sustainable Bar of the Year

Little Mercies is no stranger to the Top 50 list and has earned yet another accolade at this year’s event. The title of Sustainable Bar was a well-deserved award for this Crouch End hotspot with their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint.

Owner Alan says ”we have always worked towards elements of sustainability, either consciously or because they are the right thing to do”.

 From small to big differences, its all considered by this bar. Easy changes such as replacing paper towels with cloths and towels, having digital menus, using eco-friendly cleaning products and even making their own hand soap to reduce shipping, packaging and most importantly carbon emissions has always been a part of this bar’s ethos.

The biggest impact this bar has had is reducing their glass bottle wastage by switching to 20l metal kegs for their main house spirirts which takes 1250 glass bottles away from the supply chain, over a tonne of glass itself, and has saved over 4 tonnes of CO2. A further 100kg of glass has been saved by Little Mercies by switching to local eco-conscious vermouth suppliers.

On top of this the bar also distils their own flavoured spirits in house to save on buying smaller bottles saving on glass and carbon emissions from deliveries.

Buying local produce in their seasonal peaks and preserving them in a variety of ways allows them to use great flavours throughout the year as well reducing the environmental impact shipping fruits has on the world.

There are so many more aspects the bar focuses on as well as looking to make bigger changes for the future, a winner worthy of the recognition this award gives.

Alan clearly has a passion for making a change and this is reflected in the bar’s efforts to do better.