The Hideout

The List

The history behind the Bath cocktail bar Hideout lends itself to the drinking venue’s current use.

According to legend, the building was forgotten, bricked up and hidden for years. It is believed it was a meeting and storage place for thieves and other reprobates in the fine city of Bath hundreds of years ago.

Now, however, the only people hiding out in the bar are paying customers – as well as the young and fun bunch of bartenders running the joint.

First and foremost, the bar is a whisky fan’s dream, with a list of the stuff as long as your arm.

The cocktail list, meanwhile, is nothing short of exquisite. Whiskey, obviously, plays a big part on the list.

For starters, try the Pritchard #2 made with Tullamore D.E.W; Too Duffton, made using Glennfiddich 15yr; and Bouqet made with Nikka All Malt.

Cocktails in the ‘Not Whiskey’ section include the Lusca made with Plantation pineapple rum; the Bitter Figment, made with Hennesy VS; and the Last Confession, made using Bath Gin.


1 Lilliput Court



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