Serves 1 / 300 Mins

How to make: The Nogroni

How to make: The Nogroni


  • Seedlip
  • 35ml of Seedlip Spice 94
  • Bitters
  • 25ml non-alcoholic bitter aperitif
  • Vermouth
  • 25ml non-alcoholic rosso vermouth


  1. Stir all the ingredients together for the non-alcoholic rosso vermouth. Leave in the fridge for five hours before fine straining
  2. Make the fruit, wormood and citric teas and leave for one hour before fine straining. Allow to cool
  3. Add all of the ingredients together for the non-alcoholic bitter aperitif. Stir well
  4. Combine the non-alcoholic rosso vermouth, non-alcoholic bitter aperitif and Seedlip Spice 94 to serve

About the Nogroni

Alcohol-free cocktail recipes are often hard to come by, but this irgin cocktail is made using non-alcoholic spirit alternative Seedlip. It is a little complex, but worth it.

It’s made like a gin with botanicals, but is definitely not a gin. Ben Branson’s innovative non-alcoholic spirit alternative Seedlip is perfect for designated drivers, or those who are looking to take a break from boozing.

Made from six botanicals, Seedlip can be drunk with tonic or used to create delicious drinks such as this Negroni-inspired cocktail.

A bitter and challenging drink, made with no fewer than 21 ingredients, the lack of alcohol certainly doesn’t result in a compromise on flavour.

You can prepare the non-alcoholic rosso vermouth in advance to rapidly reduce the preparation time.

See the instructions for how to make the cocktail below:

For the non-alcoholic rosso vermouth:

  • 480ml verjus grape juice
  • 240ml Sweet & Dandy syrup
  • 240ml sorrel juice
  • Droplets Tonka Bean and Oak Smoke – 38 drops of both
  • 6ml vanilla extract
  • 30ml caramel syrup
  • 5g tartaric acid
  • Pink grapefruit peel
  • Orange peel

For the non-alcoholic bitter aperitif:

  • 288ml Fabri bitter syrup
  • 288ml Monin bitter syrup
  • 125ml citric tea
  • 150ml wormwood tea
  • 150ml fruit tea

For the citric tea:

  • Orange peel (five slices)
  • Pink Grapefruit Peel (five slices)
  • Boiling water

For the wormwood tea:

  • 7g wormwood chippings
  • Boiling water

For the fruit tea:

  • Chamomile tea (2 bags)
  • Black tea & vanilla tea (2 bags)
  • Bouquet garni tea (4 bags)
  • 6g mixed spice
  • Boiling water