Serves 1 / 2 Mins

How to make: The Hideout's South Cider

How to make: The Hideout's South Cider


  • Ingredients
  • 30ml Gurt Lush Gin - Boutiquey Gin Company (or a decent London Dry)
    15ml Lime Juice
    15ml Sugar Syrup (1:1)
    Pinch of mint
    Top with Dry Cider


Build all ingredients except Cider into shaker, give a quick hard shake, strain into a chilled Hi-Ball glass, top with cider, slap a mint sprig and use for garnish.


This refreshing little beauty is based on the classic “South Side” cocktail, with one simple change, the addition of some good old West Country cider. This lengthens the drink out and making a long fresh, smashable beverage. You might want to make a bucket.