Serves 1 / 1 Mins

How to make: The Gimlet

How to make: The Gimlet


  • Spirits
  • 75ml Plymouth Navy Strength Gin
  • Cordial
  • 25ml lime cordial
  • Garnish
  • Lime twist


  1. Add 75ml Plymouth Navy Strength Gin to a mixing glass filled with ice
  2. Add 25ml of Rose’s lime cordial
  3. Stir well for no less than 30 seconds to chill and dilute
  4. Single strain into a chilled martini or coupette glass
  5. Release the oils of lime peel over the glass
  6. Twist the lime peel and use as a garnish in the drinks

About The Gimlet

How to make the best Gimlet cocktail

A simple, stirred drink that takes moments to make

A citrus twist on the classic Gin Martini, The Gimlet is timeless and perfect for gin lovers who want to taste the spirit in their drink.

Traditionally, on its invention in c1928, the Gimlet was made with a splash of soda, but we’ve limited the dilution in this one because we want to taste all of the botanicals in Plymouth’s Navy Strength Gin.

From the off, the Savoy made the cocktail with Plymouth Gin, as its 1930 Cocktail Book shows.

Its name, pronounced with a hard G, is believed to be drawn from a tool of the same name that is used to drill small holes – The Gimlet is hard and piercing, which is where many people say the link is.

Another theory about the name relates to a ship’s surgeon, who is said to have added lime cordial to sailors’ gin rations to fight scurvy on long voyages.

If you’re in to hard alcoholic cocktails, such as the Gimlet or the Gin Martini, then other versions of the cocktail include vodka instead of gin. You won’t get that botanical hit, but the drink will still do its job.

Other variations use mint, syrups and water, but we’re big fans of the traditional gin Gimlet.

Whether you decide to make it as a traditional gin-base cocktail or choose to add vodka, The Gimlet is easy to make and perfect for cocktail hour at home.