Serves 1 / 5 Mins

How to make: The Edgbaston

How to make: The Edgbaston


  • Ingredients
  • 35ml Strawberry infused Tanqueray Export*
    15ml Lanique Rose
    1 Dash English Garden Aromatics*
    20ml Distilled Lime Cordial*
    Top Rose Champagne
  • Garnish
  • Icing sugar


Strawberry infused Tanqueray: For this ingredient take 500g Tanqueray with 1kg of fresh strawberries without their tops. Blend this together with 2% pectinex to start breaking down the fruit. Vac-pack this to increase the infusion between the ingredients and sous vide at 42 degrees Celsius to maximise the pectinex enzymatic breakdown. After 30 minutes take out of sous vide and centrifuge in order to create a beautifully clear strawberry infused gin. Then strain this through a coffee filter and bottle.


English Garden Aromatics: Combine 30ml MSK Raspberry, Rhubarb, Violet, Lavender, Hendricks Gin, Rose Water, Elderflower Cordial & 15ml Suze. Bottle & store at room temp.


Distilled Lime Cordial: Take freshly squeezed lime juice and distil at 35 degrees Celsius and 30 mBar until all liquid has distilled over. Take this liquid and for every 100ml add 5.8g of citric acid and 0.8g of malic acid in order to mirror the pH of strawberries. With this measure the weight and add the same amount of sugar to make a 1:1 acidified syrup.


Build all ingredients into a wine glass and garnish with Icing sugar, carve out logo.



When we first opened our doors in 2014 the bar team was tasked to create a drink which signifies everything we are about and the area in which we are located. Year by year, this drink has progressed and stayed true to its nature upon every menu we have published. As you can see there is a large emphasis of floral flavours featured in our latest version of our signature drink and that is down to the influence of The Botanical Gardens. Opening in 1829 by leading horticulturist J.C. Loudon they have remained home to over 7000 varieties of plant species and relatively unchanged.  The prominence of strawberry in the drink comes from the local strawberry vale which historically was used to supply the city centre’s markets and was even rumoured to be the birthplace of tennis’s predecessor.  Therefore, we believed that taking these two massive areas of local culture and to focus on their prized produce would amplify what is essentially a French 75 twist!