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Three Irish coffee recipes to try this St Patrick’s Day

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s day than with an Irish coffee…or three

Charli Tomney | 15/03/2023

Guinness aside, the next best Irish drink to enjoy this 17 March is an Irish coffee, bold, smooth and warming on a chilly Friday evening. We’ve asked our bars to share their recipes so you can enjoy award-winning drinks from the comfort of your own home.

Tabula Rasa, Leeds

15ml Demerara sugar (3:2 ratio)

35ml Slane Irish Whiskey

Filter coffee

Double cream

Fresh ground nutmeg

For an authentic and original take, Tabula Rasa keep it simple with just 5 ingredients.

Brew your favourite filter coffee, add the sugar, whiskey, and mix. Top with your double cream and freshly ground nutmeg, perfecto.

BLINKER, Manchester

50ml Jameson Black Barrel

70ml illy intenso (filter coffee)

5ml cinnamon syrup

5ml vanilla syrup

5ml Demerara

Double cream float

Grated Tonka

For a lightly spiced twist, why not try BLINKER’s take on the classic. The vanilla and cinnamon add a new subtle depth to the drink that compliments the smooth coffee and whiskey.

Brew your coffee and add the syrups, sugar and whiskey and mix well. Add your double cream float and top with grated tonka for an extra vanilla hit.

Pennyroyal, Cardiff

35ml Single Pot Still Irish whiskey

20ml Demerara syrup*


35ml Cold brew concentrate

50ml oat cream


*Demerara syrup. Make a 2:1 Demerara syrup and combine 2 parts syrup to 1 part oloroso sherry and bottle and refrigerate.

This version is ideal for batches and for longevity as the coffee is fridge stable for around a week and doesn't require a coffee machine in your home or bar. Oat-based cream is always going to suit a whiskey drink better according to Pennyroyal owner Alexander Taylor.

He adds ‘It has less acidity, which may pull coffee forward, instead helping bolster the oily, delicious Pot Still Irish.’

Add boiling water to your chosen glass to warm it up, then separately combine your whiskey, cold brew concentrate and demerara syrup.

Once glass is warm, remove water and add ingredients. Add 100ml boiled water from kettle. Carefully layer oat cream on top using the back of a spoon.

Garnish with a generous grating of fresh nutmeg.

Be sure to drink through the cold oat cream, never mix!