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2 mins


The namesake cocktail of Manchester's Blinker bar

Raspberry Shrub

1125g Raspberries

900ml Red Wine Vinegar


50ml Lot 40 Rye

40ml Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice

20ml Raspberry Shrub

Blinker share their namesake cocktail recipe, a zingy and refreshing drink, perfect for any occasion. They even include how to make their very own raspberry shrub which adds an extra level of flavour to this classic.

“Our name comes from a forgotten classic cocktail. This is a three-ingredient cocktail blending rye, grapefruit and raspberry in perfect harmony. This has inspired our seasonal approach to perfect serves”

The Shrub:

Leave in airtight Kilner jar for 4 days shaking daily

Strain and add 900g caster sugar

Leave for another 4 days in jar shaking daily


Combine 50ml Lot 40 Rye, 40ml fresh pink grapefruit juice and 20ml raspberry shrub

Simply shake and strain into a coupe