Top 50 Cocktail Bars


2 mins


One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin'

Bubblin' ingredients

30ml Don Julio Blanco

10ml Nectarine Aperitif

5 drops Licor43

10ml Lemon Juice

5ml Wild Strawberry Syrup

Top Champagne-Method Sparkling

Pennyroyal in Cardiff offers a cosy, rustic atmosphere with dim lighting and vintage decor. The bar specializes in craft cocktails, featuring unique concoctions made from high-quality ingredients. Guests can savour the delightful blend of flavours while enjoying the intimate ambiance, making it a perfect spot for a relaxed evening of drinks and conversation.

The bar has a passion for drinks and music and has combined the two for their seventh menu, ‘The Infinite Playlist’.

Bubblin’ was inspired by Anderson .Paak’s song Bubblin’, the art work features champagne being poured into several coupes. The bar took inspiration from this and developed a ‘bougie sparkling cocktail that flows the same way .Paak does on this track’. 


Combine all ingredients (minus sparkling)

Shake and fine strain into champagne flute

Top with sparkling