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2 mins


From Crossroads' Valentino Girotto


35ml Cognac

150ml Sherry Wine and Comice Pear Soda

2.5ml Capreolus Comice Pear Eau De Vie

Bar Manager of Crossroads talks us through his Pear recipe:

"Pear is one of my favourite signatures ever. It comes from the combination of simplicity and quality. I wanted to keep this drink as simple as possible and the idea behind it was to make an intriguing spirit + mixer

I had a pear tasting with the team to select the perfect pear flavour to use for our soda - Comice Pear was the winner (which uses the supplement of dry sherry wine to kind of recreate the fruit skin taste).

Capreolus Comice Pear Eau de Vie add that crunchy bite to the drink that makes you feel like you are having a ripe fresh pear and the Cognac, well, it was just meant to be the right spirit to go with"


Blend together fresh Comice pears, dry sherry, water, sugar, and acid

Once blended, the mix is processed through a centrifuge to remove any sediments and impurities in order to achieve the best results for carbonation.

The drink is then batched and chilled before being carbonated in a Cornelious keg at 52 PSI for around 24 hours.

Once carbonation and resting are completed, the drink is served in a highball glass with a crystal-clear column ice.

To finish, a lemon distillate is sprayed on top of the drink to elevate the fruity notes of this incredible highball.