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2 mins

Queenie Martini

A crisp, oceanic and clean drink from Kiki Lounge on the Isle of Man

Seaweed Butter Fat Wash

50g Softened Isle of Man Creameries Butter

6g dehydrated Spiral Wrack (local seaweed, nori is a good supermarket sub) 

800ml Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin

Cracked Queenie Shell Vermouth

8 x Unrefined Queenie shells 

375ml x Dry Vermouth 

Roe Oil

50g Queenie Roe

100ml Neutral Oil (rapeseed) 

The "Queenie Martini," created by Drew Fleming at Kiki Lounge, is a tribute to the Isle of Man's cherished scallop, this cocktail is a blend of local flavours and culture. At its core, a dry gin, fat-washed with Manx butter and enriched with the umami of foraged seaweed. Whilst the dry vermouth is subtly infused with the mineral essence of unrefined queenie shells. Lastly, they add a few drops of delicate roe oil, made from the queenie's meat and neutral oil, capturing the essence of the queenie's aromatics. The Queenie Martini ensures a nautical journey without the briny aftermath, promising a sip that's as crisp as it is local.

Seaweed Butter Fat Wash:

Combine 50g Softened Isle of Man creameries butter with 6g dehydrated spiral wrack (local seaweed, nori is a good supermarket sub) and 800ml Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin in a thermomix until the seaweed is fully mixed.

In a freezable container, add your seaweed butter and 400ml of Fynoderee Manx Dry Gin. 

Allow to sit for minimum of 4 hours before removing the excess butter/fat and straining through cheesecloth. 

Combine strained liquid with remaining Fynodereee Gin.

Cracked Queenie Shell Vermouth:

With a hammer, break down your queenie shell ensuring barnacles etc are *not* removed.

Then combine the vermouth and cracked queenie shells, allow to sit for 24 hours before straining and bottling. 

Roe Oil:

Using a thermomix, cook the queenie roe in the oil at 80 degrees for 12 minutes. After cooking, blend on high for 1 minute before fine straining into a pipette bottle.


Stir the 75ml of gin and 15ml of vermouth until well chilled

Strain into a frozen Nick + Nora before adding 4 drops of Roe Oil on top of the drink.