Pornstar Martini

  • 50ml of Vodka
  • 25ml of Passionfruit Liqueur
  • 2 tsp of Passionfruit Puree
  • 50ml of Champagne
  • Ice cubes
  • Half a passionfruit to garnish
  • Glass wear - Cocktail Coupe


What to do with the shot of Champagne served on the side of a Porn Star Martini is currently one society’s biggest questions. Of course, that’s not wholly true, but it is nonetheless a question in need of an answer.

In simple terms, it’s entirely up to you what to do with the shot of Champagne – now more likely to be Prosecco. Add it to the Porn Star Martini or use it to cleanse your palate between sips of the sweet cocktail or, if you’re on the fence, do half and half.

Now we’ve got that out of the way with, let’s look at the cocktail itself. In 2018, the Porn Star Martini was named the UK’s most popular cocktail, with Brits supping them back in their thousands.

The drink came to fame post its creation by LAB London bar owner Douglas Ankrah in 1999. Or, as other sources suggest, in 2003 in the Townhouse Bar.

Moving beyond the drink’s history, we can tell you it is not actually a traditional martini, but one that has incorporated the moniker into its name.

It is a simple drink to make, consisting of four ingredients – vodka, Passoã, passion fruit and lime juice, with the addition of a Champagen shot on the side and a floating flaming passionfruit half.

Although easy, there are now many shortcuts available on the market to help bars and consumers alike make it in next to no time.

These range from premixed Porn Star Martinis sold in bottles – just shake with ice and pour – or cans of premade Porn Star Martini that can be chilled and consumed direct from the vessel or poured into a glass at home.

Some bars have also got the drink prebatched and ready to pour on draught into the glass of a thirsty punter.

In recent months the name of the drink had caused outcry from sensitive members of society, some of which have claimed it glamorises the sex and porn industries. Fancy food and drink retailer Marks & Spencer, for instance, recently found itself in tepid water when it was asked to rename its ready-to-drink Porn Star Martini as the less provocative Passionfruit Martini. Saucy.


Add Vodka, passion fruit liqueur and passion fruit puree into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice

Shake until cool

Strain into coupe

Fill shot glass with champagne

Garnish with half of a passion fruit