Top 50 Cocktail Bars



Ugly Betty

Paying homage to budding New York Journalist, Betty Suarez




45ml Tapatio Blanco tequila
30ml Mango Shrub
15ml Mango Skin Wine
2 dashes of Salt Solution

Couch is a new entry for the Top 50 Cocktail Bars list 2022. Creeping in at number 37, this neighbourhood bar in Stirchley offers local drinkers a taste of city life outside of the hustle and bustle.

The newest menu is the 4th and final edition of their ‘2 years of Pop Culture’ menus. They’ve gone from music to films to iconic women in music and now, TV series. The 16 drinks are inspired by the characters, the story, and the era of each chosen show.

Couch have taken a very minimalist approach to the new menu in visuals, with incredible glassware and using their knowledge on ingredients to allow the drink to carry all the flavour through smell and taste.

This particular drink pays homage to the budding New York fashion journalist, Betty Suarez.

Mango skin wine is infused into Lillet Blanc for 2 hours in a sous vide.

The Shrub is fresh blended mango, minus the skin which is used for the wine, combining vinegar and sugar to balance with some salt solution to season.


Combine the tequila, mango shrub, mango skin wine and salt solution and mix with ice.

Strain and serve in your favourite glassware.