Top 50 Cocktail Bars

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However, all is quickly and easily forgiven when confronted by the London bar’s drinks offer, which is so close to perfect it is almost unreal.

The bar’s design is lovely and simple, with the main bar featuring coat hooks and surrounded by stools and some smaller seating areas creating an interesting environment.

Anyway, back to that somewhat perfect menu. It is relatively small, but as some say, perfectly formed.

Drinks include the Dama Peligrossa, made with Fords Gin and Amaretto; the DSC Highball, made using Dewar’s 12 year whisky; and the Wooly Back, made with Pisco and White Port.

There’s a quiet reserved feeling about the bar and its menus, which makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

One final note: we’d suggest booking a table, as the bar is quite popular.

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