Top 50 Cocktail Bars

Present Company

Liverpool, Mersyside

Liverpool cocktail bar Present Company has a simple concept – serving world-class cocktails in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with some great music.

And really, that’s what a cocktail bar should be about, which Present Company has achieved very well.

The venue was opened in May 2019 and has gone from strength-to-strength, since becoming a key destination for locals and city visitors alike.

As well as drinks, including cocktails, beers and wines, the venue also serves a small menu of grazing dishes, perfect to keep guests going after a few cocktails.

The menu is uniquely printed on a vinyl record with cocktails on the back cover with basic ingredients and flavour notes.

Notable serves on the cocktail menu have included the cinemascope with Martel V.S cognac, cherry wine, amaro, golden syrup, plum, vanilla, and the Mirrorball with Herradura Plata tequila, poached pear, vanilla, sparkling wine.

Other highlights have included the toucan with Martel V.S cognac, Havana 7 year old rum, Guinness syrup, banana, chocolate, oat cream and the Paddington Squared with Fords gin, Italicus, dry vermouth, grapefruit and winter spiced marmalade.

Sample sessions are available twice a month for free – each month they partner with their favourite brands offering drinkers a free in deth tasting of different spirits wine and beer.

Present Company is a lively venue, drawing to it a crowd of drinkers who appreciate good music alongside expertly made, high-quality drinks.

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