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Liverpool, Merseyside

Classic London cocktails in a Caribbean themed Liverpool bar

Top 50 Accolades
  • 2023 Newcomer of the Year

Bringing classic London inspired drinking to Liverpool, this year’s Newcomer of the Year wants to give their visitors a ‘proper drinking experience’. From the interior design and hand-washed glasses to the complex 17 ingredient Cosmopolitan and bar snacks, a huge amount of effort has gone into this bar with extreme attention to detail.

The Caribbean inspired bar seats 24 lucky drinkers and if you can’t immediately be seated, don’t worry, they have a standing bar and a separate menu so you can still experience the bar, even when you’re waiting. Step inside and immediately enter vacation mode, sip a pina colada from a frozen pineapple and let the team put in all the effort so you don’t have to.

Expect quality drinks in a relaxed yet vibrant environment, this is very much a community bar where, even on your first visit, you’ll feel like part of the furniture. Expect owners and hospitality veterans) Nick and John to walk you through the menu and carefully craft your drinks, as according to them, flavour and service are the two key components to a great bar.

The team pride themselves on the quality of drinks, painstakingly creating and testing them upwards of 50 times before they make it onto the menu, so expect utter perfection in each of the 45 drinks. As you can imagine, staff get a detailed 6 weeks of training before stepping foot behind the bar, ensuring they know every minute detail that goes into making this bar so special.

Opening in September 2022, this bar is already a hotspot for fellow industry faces and we can see why. Liverpool is certainly raising the bar for drinking and Manolo is no exception.

Key Information

  • SPECIALITIES: Vacation drinks
  • WEBSITE: Visit Here
  • ADDRESS: 41 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BX