Top 50 Cocktail Bars

Devil's Advocate

Edinburgh, Midlothian

Situated in an old Victorian pump house, hidden in the historic and atmospheric Old Town of Edinburgh

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Devil’s Advocate is a cocktail bar and restaurant that serves a modern-day vibe along with its drinks.

The interior is well-thought-out, simple and old-school industrial. Brick walls, wooden floors and exposed beams encase a fresh and clean bar area.

Shelves behind the bar run from the floor to almost the height of the ceiling. There’s also a mezzanine that provides an exclusive and private area for parties. Beneath the mezzanine there are banquettes providing a more intimate space to eat and drink.

Devil’s Advocate is widely celebrated for its collection of whisky along with its whisky cocktails, but that’s not to say the cocktail bar falls short on other categories.

Cocktails are priced between £7.50 and £10, with whisky playing a heavy role on the short, but sweet, menu, comprising of 15 drinks – but the staff, who are knowledgeable and skilled, have a plethora of classics stored in their brains.

Leaving Leith is the first drink on the menu, costs £8 and is made using Johnnie Walker Black, Aperol, Pilot Blond Cordial and lemon.

Something with rum? Try Stockholm Syndrome, which costs £8 and is made using Bacardi Carta Blanca, Swedish Punsch, Yellow Chartreuse, dill, lemon and egg white.

Or gin cocktail Cycling in the French Riviera (£9.50) made using Star of Bombay Gin, Suze, Cocchi Americano, Yellow Chartreuse and cucumber bitters.

Devil’s Advocate is a chilled out, cool and trendy cocktail bar that’s well worth a visit whenever you’re on a trip to Scotland’s leading city.

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