Callooh Callay

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Location – Shoreditch, London

Looking for a chilled trendy vibe in Shoreditch with exceptional cocktails? Go no further than Callooh Callay where they are served in abundance.

If you’re wondering what Callooh Callay means, then you’re in luck as we’ve Googled it so you don’t have to. Simply put, it is an expression of joy and was used in Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky who, coincidentally, in the same poem, coined the term ‘chortle’, which is a portmanteau of chuckle and snort.

Callooh Callay opened in November 2008 at a time when cocktail bars in the then up-and-coming Shoreditch area were thin on the ground. Now, however, there is a fine selection of sophisticated cocktail venues. But remember, Callooh Callay has the perfect mix of style and fun.

Inside the venue, where cocktail menus are presented in old cassette tape cases, there’s an eclectic mix of 1970s sofas and coffee tables that are presented in a warm and relaxed environment. As a side note, if you’re in need of the loo on your visit, remember it’s hidden behind a ‘secret’ door.

Even on busy nights, the staff, who are far from the typical ‘too cool for school’ Shoreditch hipsters, are attentive, knowledgeable and up for a laugh.

Cocktail prices range from £10 to £11 and span all types of spirits and cater to all palates, whether you’re into hard and challenging high-booze drinks or something more delicate and fruity.

The majority of the cocktails on the current menu merge sweet and savoury foods and flavours with alcohol, such as the Hawkers Cup – vodka, garden pea, black rice vinegar, summer cup, lemon and ginger ale (£10.50). Or Oma Forest – gin, fino sherry, lemon, green sorrel and pine (£10).

Callooh Callay’s current menu has an Apple iTunes vibe to it and is, cheekily, called the iBevs menu. It is bright, bold, easy to read and sets out each drink with lots of space, allowing the eye time to take in the flavours and cocktails on offer.

Beer, wine, Champagne and cider are also given a healthy amount of space on the menu, just in case you fancy something more traditional.

It ain’t all about drink though, Callooh Callay features and attractive menu of small plates and sandwiches at £7 and £9.50 respectively.


Callooh Callay
Rivington Street

020 77394781


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