The Connaught Bar

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The Connaught Bar in London is a very special place indeed, featuring highly skilled bartenders who mix up new creations while also playing homage to much loved classics.

The bar sits in the well renowned Connaught Hotel in London, of which many people say is “like entering another world”.

Its website says: “Stepping into The Connaught feels a little like entering another world. Elegant, yet effortless.

“Set apart from the bustle of London, yet immersed in its culture. Dedicated to fine art, as well as the finer things in life.

“Every guest receives our world-famous levels of service. Leave the bags to your butler and take in your surroundings.

“As you ascend the historic staircase, let The Connaught work its magic. Your wish is our command.”

If Top 50 Cocktail Bars was hauled up in court before a judge and forced to answer whether this was a true or false statement – having first taken a truth oath – we would confirm it to be true.

Hotel bars are wonderful places in general, giving visitors a myriad of people to stare at as well as presenting guests with a wider array of offerings not usually available in a standard cocktail bar. The Connaught, however, is filled with history and style.

We’re not going to delve too much into the cocktail bar’s offering – for fear of spoiling the surprise that awaits any guest – but we will end on this:

There is a Martini Trolley. We’ve gone to heaven.


The Connaught
Carlos Place

0207 499 7070


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