Serves 1 / 5 Mins

Rhub Boi

Rhub Boi


  • Ingredients
  • 40ml Dewars 12yr Scotch
    20ml El Bandera Alfresco
    25ml Rhubarb Cordial
    15ml Egg White
    Dash Absinthe
    Dash Orange Blossom
  • Garnish
  • Apple Blossom
  • Cordial Ingredients
  • 1-litre Rhubarb juice
    1kg caster sugar
    60g malic acid
    35g lactic acid


Discount Suit Company share’s their iconic Rhub Boi recipe

The Rhub Boi is our twist on the classic scotch pick me up, the Morning Glory Fizz. A drink made of Scotch, Absinthe, lemon, sugar and Soda.  We make the Rhub Boi by replacing the sugar with El Bandera Alfresco; a bittersweet Spanish aperitif, and replacing the Soda with our own Umbrella London Rhubarb Cider, giving the drink a boozy and refreshing kick.

For the Rhubarb Cordial

  1. Freshly press 1 litre of rhubarb juice
  2. Add 1 kg of caster sugar, 60grams of malic acid and 35grams of lactic acid. The combination of acids give the cordial an acidity similar to lemon juice but with a creamier mouthfeel

For the drink

  1. Add all the ingredients to your shaker. Simply shake, strain, then top with Umbrella London Rhubarb Cider and garnish with apple blossom,