The Lost & Found Leeds Club certainly impressed judges with its ethos of pushing boundaries and discovery.

Its approachable, yet sophisticated, cocktail list has a quirky history linked to it with the drinks featured all correlating to said history.

The whole venue is based on ‘chemistry expert’ Professor Pike with the menu taking drinkers on a journey with a periodic table of options guiding guests who are unsure of what to have, outlining the different flavour profiles of the cocktails.

The presentation of drinks is something the bar clearly prides itself on, from hand-painted rice paper garnishes to the classic fruit, a lot of thought goes into every aspect.

But the bar isn’t just thinking about the present when it comes to looking into the future of its operation, it aims to be more sustainable, in particular, it works with the kitchen to use anything the chefs don’t need in the drinks served at the bar.

Lost & Found is a great business that certainly isn’t standing still.

The Lost & Found Leeds Club

The Lost and Found Leeds Club
Leeds Club
3 Albion Place

0113 493 1450

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