Top 50 Cocktail Bars

The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy

Old fashioned glamour with a modern twist pours from every part of the room, ensuring guests will have the best experience.

Sip classic cocktails as well as newer concoctions in the glamourous environment from the Beaufort Bar’s Music Magic Drama cocktail menu.

The menu includes a refined selection of luxury dishes to nibble on whilst enjoying drinks and the environment.

Dishes include oysters, caviar and something called a Cheese Symphony, which consists of goat’s curd, Parmesan foam and cantaloupe melon.

Drinks, meanwhile, range from English sparkling wines, Champagnes (obviously) and still wines to a mammoth range of spirits.

Cocktails do not disappoint either. Whether it’s the Cocktail of the Moment – a moment not to miss, believe us – or the classic and new spins on mixed drinks.

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