Top 50 Cocktail Bars



Edinburgh, Midlothian

You would be forgiven for thinking Nauticus in Edinburgh is an ocean-themed bar, and that’s because it is.

Although the bar does have a theme, it’s not a belt and braces tacky one, rather a subtle hint to the sea and the magic it beholds – we say this because the bar looks like it was made from mermaid scales.

Anyway, we’re here to learn about the drinks and Nauticus has a fine selection that showcase the width and breadth of Scotland’s drink making capabilities.

The bar staff are an enchanting bunch who are more than willing to deliver the best service they can muster, with a helpful hint towards the sort of drink you might prefer.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what some of the other customers have said: “Very cool hangout with some really interesting and super tasty cocktails! Staff are incredibly friendly and attentive. Will definitely be going back.”

Also: “Fabulous atmosphere, great customer service and tasty cocktails. Love what you’ve done to the place.”

And, just for good measure, this one: “GR8 PLACE.”

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