The Edgbaston Hotel

The List

Location – Birmingham

Situated in a six-bedroom boutique hotel in the city of Birmingham, the Edgbaston Hotel cocktail bar is pure class.

On its website, the cocktail bar is described as “a stylish, art deco interior of jet black and gold, the Edgbaston cocktail lounge is all about cocktails,” with cocktails served by recognised bartenders.

“The three cocktail lounges within the Edgbaston offer one of the finest spirits collections in the UK,” the website says.

The Edgbaston Hotel cocktail menu is designed beautifully with clean lines, succinct descriptions of the drinks and their ingredients.

Prices for the cocktails start at £6 and go up to £12.50. The menu also features a cocktail flavour wheel, showing how fruity, refreshing, dry or boozy particular drinks are.

Stand-out cocktails include the Edgbaston, which costs £12.50 and is made using rose Champagne, white sugar and botanical garden aromatics.

Mr Blue Sky costs £6 and is made with pressed apple, fresh lemon, rose and violet syrup, almond and tonic.

Many of the drinks have fun names, including Red Light Roxanne, which costs £12 and is made with Tanqueray No 10 Gin, Absenteroux, tree sap and tagete flower distillate.


The Edgbaston Hotel
18 Highfield Road
West Midlands
B15 3DU

0121 454 5212


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