Top 50 Cocktail Bars


Scarfes Bar

The promise* of bartenders wear a uniform of tartan trousers or trews, white jackets and ties, harking back to a period when service in such a venue was sophisticated and stylish.

Each member of the front-of-house team are from an incredible background of cocktail making, wine or beer, making it a formidably knowledgeable team.

The bar is part of the five-star Rosewood London hotel and is named after London artist and former Sunday Times and New Yorker illustrator Gerald Scarfe.

Renowned British artist and caricaturist, Gerald Scarfe, has lent both his name and artistic vision to Scarfes Bar, which is evident in its design and the featuring artworks.

Gerald’s own collection of amusing and conversation-provoking paintings, highlighting his best work, adorn the marble walls, transforming Scarfes Bar into a living canvas, described by Gerald as “my personal art gallery, where you can see my life on these walls”.

The menu screams Gerald Scarfe and has been designed in an exceptionally fun way, featuring caricatures of celebrities, royals and politicians.

Broken down into nine segments, the cocktails on the menu are split into top line flavour profiles including savoury, sweet, nutty and fruity.

From the Mellow section, drinks include the Who is Next, made using  Grey Goose, fermented green, pepper and hay vermouth; or the Rickstasy, made with Remy Martin 1738, Old Duff, sea buckthorn and lavender.

The spiced section holds the Comb Over, made with Bruichladdich, shrooms, mint and pear and LE Soda; and also Never Again, made using Avion 44, rhubarb, ginger and sparkling sake.

Of course, being situated in a hotel, there is a strong food menu of snacks that pair perfectly with the cocktails. While the bar also provides bottled cocktails to take away.

*collective noun for bartenders

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