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Location – Leeds

Molecular mixology cocktail chain the Alchemist, which recently made a move south, shows off its skills at its Greek Street, Leeds, site.

A drink and a show is the easiest way to describe how the Alchemist bartenders operate.

Expect pizazz, flair and a touch of drama with your drink as nothing is done in small measures.

The décor is simple, almost industrial but with a gothic/alchemy twist. It’s not pretentious or overly friendly, but a good honest cocktail bar with food options.

On the Alchemist’s Greek Street website, it introduces the bar thusly: “There’s something about Leeds that calls out to us as a natural location for the Alchemist.

“Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the home of the Royal Armouries and we like the sound of clashing metal? Whatever it is, it led us to bring the Alchemist’s special blend of the darkly adventurous and unconventional to the very heart of it.

Inside our Greek Street home lies a bar that’s a temple to our dark brand of molecular mixology and a restaurant that makes dining with us a touch more exciting.”

Cocktail prices on the Alchemist’s menu range from £8 for single-serve cocktails to £40 for sharing drinks.

Interesting drinks include the Beyond the Kale (£8.25) which is packed full of healthy ingredients and served with a huge kale garnish. It is made using Zubrowka Vodka, lime and fresh kale – don’t snub it until you’ve tried it.

Other drinks include the Rhubarb and Custard Sour (£8.50), made with Chase Rhubarb Vodka, Licor 43 Vanilla, lemon and egg white.

There’s also a list of interesting alcohol-free cocktails, including Bubblygum (£4.50), made from bubblegum, apple, cranberry, lime and bubbles on top.

If you’re feeling a little hungry on your visit to Alchemist Greek Street, then there’s a wide selection of food on offer from nibbles, to main plates that are all reasonably priced.


Yorkshire House
Greek Street

0113 200 5930


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