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Location – Newcastle

Some might say Alvinos cocktail bar in Newcastle is not posh, and they would be right. The bar is a laid-back venue with booth seating and a menu inspired by the world.

You won’t pay more than £6.75 for a cocktail from the current menu, unless you’re in the bar Sunday to Thursday when selected drinks are two for £9.95.

The bar is one of The Guardian’s top craft beer bars in Newcastle, alongside some other gems in the city.

Alvinos is also a café, open during the day where it serves coffee and snacks for busy city workers or those who want some chill out time.

But we’re here to talk about cocktails. There are 40 cocktails to choose from on the menu, which are divided into five groups – Sour, Strong, Tiki, Fizzes and Alvinos’ Classics.

Bitter Pill is a ‘strong’ cocktail and is made from Havana 3yr, Baron Sigognac Armagnac, banana, PX Sherry, Amaro Montenegro and Allspice Liqueur. Considering bananas are at 0.5% ABV, this cocktail is all booze.

From the ‘Tiki’ section, you can try a Chemical X made with Martell VS, Quiquiriqui Mezcal, Aperol, lime and Ting syrup.

We couldn’t leave you wondering what an Alvionos’ Classic was, so we chose the Crowd Pleaser, made with Absolut Vanilla, strawberry liqueur, lime, ginger beer and strawberry nectar.

Ok, so Alvinos may not have the breeding some of its fellow listees has, but it has bags of character and charm. And, importantly, the cocktails are really good.


Pilgrim Street

0191 261 5656


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