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Location – York

One of the more feisty cocktail bars on the Top 50 Cocktail Bars list, Jalou York – sister site of Jalou Newcastle – is a premier late-night cocktail bar and club.

Don’t let the late closing time and R&B music put you off, Jalou York may be a bit of a party destination in the city, but its cocktail credentials stack up.

Jalou York, just a few minutes away from the main train station, is set in a Grade II-listed stunning church.

The building is a site to behold on entering and shifts from a swanky and spacious cocktail venue in the early evening to hip nightspot.

Its website says: “Expect to find delicious cocktails, great music and an even better atmosphere at the most exiting cocktail bar in York.”

Jalou’s cocktail menu is themed around hit singles and the drinks on offer are somewhere between disco cocktails and serious classics.

OK, so the drinks on the list are more disco than classic, but who’s going to get freaky on the dance floor while sipping a Gin Martini or an Old Fashioned? Not us.

The Bee-Younce (£6.95) is made with Cazcabel Honey, apple liqueur and honey syrup, shaken with apple and lemon juice before being topped with a honey foam and a dusting of activated charcoal.

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? Try the White Cosmo (£6.95) made with Belvedere Vodka, elderflower, white grape juice and lime, served over a frozen orchid flower.

You can also find a fun twist on the Manhattan in the Smoked Gingerbread Manhattan – Woodforde Reserve Bourbon, sweet vermouth, gingerbread syrup and aromatic bitters, served over an ice ball with a “smoky surprise” (£7.95).




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