The List

When Top 50 Cocktail Bars stumbled across Kin, whilst wondering the streets of Edinburgh late one summer evening.

After ordering and supping what has to be Edinburgh’s best Manhattan, we were hopeful to see the bar on the 2019 list and, as luck would have it, the votes came in that way and favoured Kin with the enviable position of 27.

It is a basement bar. It isn’t perfect. There’s usually a big dog there towards the end of the evening. It delivers a very special experience, that doesn’t feel tailored, but exudes honesty.

Ice in the bar is hand cut and the drinks come with a genuine smile, behind which is years and years of hard learnt skill from the two founding owners.

Don’t just take our word for it, the bar has had many outstanding customer reviews, including one describing it as a “cool, funky little place” with something different and more relaxed for the city centre.

Another fan says “banging drinks and the best of hosts”, while our favourite review simply states: “Best fellas. Great Drinks. Rad time.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


1 Barony Street


07394 705224


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