Nocturnal Animals

The List

One of the Top 50 Cocktail Bars’ more vibrant bars, Nocturnal Animals is a fun and vibrant party venue that serves some top cocktails in the city of Birmingham.

Before we get on to the cocktails, it’s not all about the alcohol as Nocturnal Animals offers an afternoon tea at £28 per head with optional cocktails and Champagne.

Cocktails, meanwhile, are set out on a fun social media-themed menu and boast names inspired by current popular culture.

The menu also pits classic drinks against one another, but in an unexpected way. For instance, some cocktails are hybrids of two drinks, such as the Dr Martin Vs Pina Colada, made using Bacardi four-year-old, Dry Vermouth, Coconut oil, Tonka and Pineapple.

Other drinks include the Russian, made with Black Cow Vodka; the Sherry Bakewell, made using Disaronno and Monkey Shoulder; and the Gra$$hopper Milk Punch made using Nikka from the Barrel.


20 Bennetts Hill

West Midlands
B2 5QJ

0121 643 7001


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