The Botanist

The List

Location – Newcastle

It has been rumoured the tree that stands tall and grand in the centre of the venue is one of the most photographed things in Newcastle, however, we’d rather take pictures of the cocktails that are served with great attention to detail and in impressive times.

There is live music every night in the Botanist, which is in fact part of a wider chain that extends across the north of England.

Like many bars on the list, you can book a cocktail making masterclass at the venue, should you wish to know about the great skill that goes into creating the enjoyable drink.

Not only does the Botanist serve mixed drinks, but there is also a fine selection of food available throughout the day and much of the evening.

The cocktail menu is quite big when compared with other bars, but that’s one of the great things about the Botanist – there’s so much to choose from.

The menu covers Flutes, Watering Cans, Alcohol Free, New World Gin, Long, Pots & Planters, Bloody Marys, Classic Botany and Martinis. We don’t advise you work your way through the whole list of drinks in one sitting, but certainly see what’s on offer before ordering.


The Botanist
Monument Mall

0191 261 6307


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